General Terms and Conditions

Website Service Our Ongoing Website Service is only supplied to websites that Analog Webmedia has built and included three valuable components: Website Support and Security Updates, and Hosting.


1. Analog Webmedia has a business hours help desk available by phone or email 10am-06pm IST. This service is provided to direct you to information to solve your issue.

2. Our friendly domains team is on hand by email or phone to help your navigate the complexities around domain names, email accounts, email hosting, parked domains, sub-domains, etc.

3. Analog Webmedia has an emergency email, which may only be used in an absolute emergency (website is down, emails not working). If your query is not deemed an emergency and you require it to be fixed outside of business hours, this will be chargeable at a rate of 250 excluding GST.

4. Analog Webmedia Websites are all self-managed and Analog Webmedia is not responsible for any copy, editing, or updating of the client’s website. Analog Webmedia is under no obligation to do any work on your website unless contracted to do so.

Website and Security Updates:

1. Each day we run a set of server and website malware scanners to proactively detect any malicious activity and proactively manage any issues as quickly as possible. Actively monitoring and keeping your website up to date reduces the risk and vulnerability of being attacked.

2. Each week we run all updates to website itself and all plugins. This optimizes the performance of your website, fixes any bugs, ensures compatibility, adds any new features, and most importantly optimizes security.


1. We have a round the clock team monitoring the servers to ensure 99.9% uptime.

2. We run daily, weekly, and 2 monthly back-ups on our websites hosted by Analog Webmedia, so at any time we maintain 4 restore points stored on our secure back-ups servers.

3. Each website account is allocated the standard relevant bandwidth and disk space based on your allocated hosting packaged outlined in your contract. Any additional usage is an additional charge. Analog Webmedia will monitor your usage and if we anticipates that your website may require more bandwidth/disk space your allocation will be increased. When additional bandwidth/disk space is purchased, the activation of the disk space is provided as the website requires it up to the purchased amount.

4. Although Analog Webmedia monitors the bandwidth/disk space usage of our websites, Analog does not take responsibility for any website going offline due to exceeding bandwidth or disk space. It is the client’s responsibility to notify Analog of any potential increases in usage so this can be accommodated.

5. Analog Webmedia does not allow any of the following content or websites to be stored on its servers:
1. Illegal material, including copyrighted works, commercial audio, video, or music files, and any material of any type in violation of any Federal, State, or Local law or regulation anywhere in the world.
2. Scripts – any script that creates a load on the server will be removed.

3. Warez, including pirated software, ROMS, emulators, phreaking, hacking, password cracking. IP spoofing, etc., and encrypting of any of the above. Also includes any sites which provide ‘links to’ or ‘how to’ information about such material.

4. Adult material, including pornography, erotic images, or otherwise lewd or obscene content of any type. In addition to this websites are not allowed to link to this type of content. What constitutes ‘adult material’ is entirely at the discretion of Analog Webmedia.

5. Websites that promote the sex service industry, which includes but is not limited to prostitution.

6. Customers agree to a six (6) month contract, beginning upon the date Analog Webmedia has designed, built, and handed over the website (i.e. the date when Analog sends out the username and password).

7. Anything found to contain the above will be terminated without notice.

Financial Arrangements:

1. All prices are valid for 30 days from the date on which the quote was given.

2. If Analog Webmedia does not receive your onboarding document within a 3 month period from the date of order and deposit paid, your account will be suspended. Reopening your account will incur a 5000 + GST fee. If your account remains suspended for 6 months your account will be closed completely and all money paid and work ordered will be forfeited.

3. All deposits and fees paid are non-refundable after the design brief is returned to Analog Webmedia or after 14 days has elapsed since the date of the deposit paid. Refunds will be less a 35% +GST admin fee.

4. Once the website design has been signed off all fees are payable in due course, no cancellations will be accepted and all services ordered must be paid for in full.

5. The cost of the Analog Webmedia websites is a set price for design and development, then an ongoing yearly service fee.

6. The deposit for website design and development is due with order. The balance is due when the website has been signed off and handed over to the customer (i.e. the date when Analog sends out the username and password).

7. All Credit Notes issued will be valid for 1 year from the date of issue.

8. Although Analog Webmedia reserves the right to change prices of accounts or services at any time, all pricing is guaranteed for the period of prepayment.

Cancellations and Refunds

1. If a customer contravenes the Analog Webmedia terms and conditions, we reserves the right to terminate the service immediately with no refund.

2. If Analog Webmedia is required to employ the services of a debt collector to pursue any overdue balance payment, a 25% + GST fee will be passed on to the customer and added to the customer’s invoice.

3. In the event of you terminating your contract, you will be able to take full possession of your design and content of your website; however, elements of the website CMS software will remain on Analog Webmedia servers and you may need to purchase licenses to use the CMS (or elements of) on another server. If you have purchased our Eweb 1.0 product, the CMS is not transferable.

4. If the customer’s website has been terminated, due to cancellation or expiry, Analog can reinstall the website within a 12 month period at a cost of 50% + GST (or at our discretion) providing the client has a backup of the website. After 12 months the reinstatement will be at Analog Webmedia discretion if a backup can be used.

5. All cancellations must be requested in writing. Annual billing clients need to provide written notice via email. Monthly billing clients are required to submit a cancellation form, which can be requested from our administration team. Cancellation forms must be received before the 28th of the month to avoid payment being processed for the following month.

Domain Registration

1. Analog Webmedia does not guarantee the requested domain names are available or are able to be registered. Accordingly, you should take no action in respect of your requested domain name(s) until you have been notified that your requested domain name has been registered.

2. It is the customers’ responsibility to keep Analog Webmedia up-to-date with their contact details. If the customer fails in this it could result in your website going offline if your domain name is not renewed in a timely manner.

3. If Analog Webmedia is managing the renewal of your domain name it will do its best to renew the domain name on time. If for any unlikely reason this doesn’t happen, including human error, Analogt will not be held responsible or liable for repurchasing the domain name.

4. If Analog Webmedia is managing the renewal of your domain name, we will renew the domain name once payment has been received for the invoice sent to the account details on file.

5. Failure to pay the domain renewal invoice ahead of the due date may result in website and email services going down until payment has been received and the domain successfully renewed.


1. It is the customer’s responsibility to keep Analog Webmedia up to date with their contact details. If the customer fails in this it could result in the expiration of services.

2. Analog Webmedia reserves the right to refuse service and/or access to its products and servers to anyone.

3. Analog webmedia retains the right to restrict access to any areas or connections within its server or website environments, this includes and is not restricted to website Admin Access, CPanel, and FTP.

4. Analog Webmedia reserves the right to suspend or cancel a customer’s access to any or all services provided by Analog when Analog decides (at its absolute discretion) that the account has been inappropriately used or otherwise abused.

5. Individual accounts are to be used by the account holder only. Individual account holders are not permitted to sell, resell, store, or give away Analog Webmedia services to other parties. The Customer warrants that it has the right to use the applicable trademarks if any.

6. The Customer agrees that he or she has the necessary knowledge to maintain their website. The Customer agrees that it is not the responsibility of Analog Webmedia to provide this knowledge or customer support outside of the defined service of the Analog Webmedia support.

7. The Customer is responsible for and must provide all telephone, computer, hardware, and software equipment and services necessary to access Analog Webmedia websites. Analog makes no representations, warranties, or assurances that the Customer’s equipment will be compatible with the Analog service.

8. The Customer may not transfer this agreement without the written consent of Analog. This Agreement constitutes the entire understanding of the parties. Any changes or modifications to this Contract thereto are agreed to by both parties upon renewal of services.

9. The Customer may only use Analog servers for lawful purposes. Transmission of any material in violation of any Federal, State, or Local regulation is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to copyrighted material, material legally judged to be threatening or obscene, pornographic, profane, or material protected by trade secrets. This also includes links or any connection to such materials.

10. This agreement shall be governed in all respects by the laws of New South Wales, Australia. The parties are to irrevocably submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of New South Wales, Australia.

11. Revisions to this Contract will be applicable to previous Contracts. Revisions will be considered agreed to by the Customer on renewal of Analog Webmedia, services as specified in Section I. Financial Arrangements.

12. When purchasing from Analog Webmedia your financial details are passed through a secure server using the latest 128-bit SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption technology. 128-bit SSL encryption is the current industry standard. If you have any questions regarding our security policy, please contact our customer support team –[email protected]

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